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Dog Attack Lawsuit

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A dog attack lawsuit has challenged the laws in Ohio. The case involves Niko, a Yorkie, that was attacked by a neighbor’s dog, suffering from injuries that left his owners with thousands worth of vet bills.

In June, Niko’s owners let him outside in the front yard to use the restroom. As they were returning to the house the
Rottweiler attacked, biting Niko so hard that he lost a kidney, barely surviving the dog attack. With over $5,500 spent on emergency surgery, he did recover.

When Niko’s owners went to their neighbor for reimbursement of her vet bills, they were told they weren’t going to pay a dime. They took them to court and won, Akron Municipal court ruled in their favor.

According to Ohio law, a person is only entitled to recover the fair market value of the property. Dogs are considered property, only entitling them to $899, the amount she paid for Niko.

The Akron jury however, determined Tristan should get the full $5,500, she paid for medical bills, plus court costs.

Niko is almost fully recovered from the attack.