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It is a good idea as a driver of a motor vehicle to be prepared in advance for the unexpected car accident. Of course basic steps can be taken to lessen the risk of getting into an accident or suffering an injury in a crash including buckling up, never driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not driving when overly tired and making sure the vehicle is in good working order and in particular as to wear and tear on tires and breaks. However, even the most cautious of drivers is still at risk for getting into an accident if traveling on the open roadways so it is prudent to be prepared in advance for the unexpected.

Maintaining the tools necessary to deal with an accident if one occurs is always wise. First, keeping a disposable camera in the vehicle is a good idea. This will allow the driver to document the scene if a crash occurs and there is a dispute as to who caused the accident or what damage was done. A cell phone should be in your possession if traveling long distances and used to notify the police in the event of an accident so a formal record of the incident is documented. Next, keep your insurance information with you and have the 800 claims service number for your own carrier available to report the claim. Some companies offer roadside assistance for just such an emergency. Roadside safety kits are also worth keeping in your vehicle; which can include flairs or reflective triangles to notify other traffic of the vehicles stopped in the roadway. Last, it makes good sense to have the contact number for your attorney available in the event there are questions as to your legal rights. Always speak with your lawyer before giving a statement to the insurance company for any other party involved in the accident.

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